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About the Chai Mitzvah Program

Chai Mitzvah is a program to enhance Jewish engagement. Like a book group, Chai Mitzvah network groups meet monthly with text-based source books on Jewish topics. Each person in the group builds their ‘Jewish Bucket List' by completing 5 steps throughout the program:

1. Meet monthly with your Chai Mitzvah group

2. Adopt or deepen a ritual or spiritual practice

3. Identify something to learn

4. Engage in a social action project of your choosing

5. Celebrate the Chai Mitzvah journey with a certificate of completion; a tree is also planted in Israel to honor your journey 

Learn more on getting started here: How to Form a Group

Introduction to Chai Mitzvah Video

Monthly Group Study

Each month, Chai Mitzvah groups, no matter where they are in the world, study the same topic using a specially designed curriculum. The source books are clearly laid out and accessible to those of all backgrounds and styles of practice, offering texts in Hebrew and English, from contemporary and traditional sources.

Learn more about our curriculum.

"Jewish Bucket List"


Our tradition tells us that a full Jewish life involves our head, heart, and hands.  So, the unique part of the Chai Mitzvah program is that participants are encouraged to build their "Jewish Bucket List". It is important for participants to identify what is personally meaningful to them by incorporating:





  • Study - something you’ve always wanted to know something more about – culture history, language, literature, anything!
  • Spirituality - A new or deepened spiritual practice or ritual - add to your life spiritually – maybe it’s prayer, or meditation, or a ritual
  • Social Action - pick some way of giving back to the world; find a social action/social justice project to which you’ll devote some time - big or small - it just has to be meaningful to the individual committing to it.

Download our Celebration Guide - This is a sample brochure that was used at the end-of year ceremony of a Chai Mitzvah Group in Michigan. It shows the choices participants made and it may make it easier to see how the "Jewish Bucket List" works. 

Learn more about How to Form a Group

Sun, October 21 2018 12 Cheshvan 5779