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November Supplemental Materials

Standard:  Tzedakah and Philanthropy

Donating to the poor is not a prerogative act, but rather an expected act of each and every Jew. Jewish law has set clear priorities in terms of giving food, clothing, shelter, and medicine to fulfill the obligation to save life and preserve health. Jewish law is concerned with meeting the needs of the poor and at the same time safeguarding the dignity of those in need.

These interesting and varied sources will help you give some thought to giving:

Have I given more than I've taken, or taken more than I've given?  Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz examines this questions by reflecting on his own experience with kidney donation.
How Far Will You Go to Give? Judaism and Organ Donation

Is altruism the best reason for giving? Yossi Prager argues that, in fact, selfishness is a better motivator for giving.
Yossi Prager: What's in it for Me? Selfishness in Philanthropy

Bill and Melinda Gates on why they give: 
Why giving away our wealth has been the most
satisfying thing we've done.

Classic Danny Siegel
10 Quotes about Tzedakah from All Kinds of Sources

Wonderful organization that encourages people to give Jewishly and provides many resources for doing so:
The Jewish Funders Network

Interesting compilation of statistics from the Pew Research Organization on Income Inequality:
10 Facts About American Workers


Mussar:  Generousity/N'divut

Information to come November 2018.

Sun, October 21 2018 12 Cheshvan 5779