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Supplemental Sources for March: Adding New Insights and Meaning to the Passover Seder

To help ourselves, our families, and those around our tables to truly experience the power of Passover we need to prepare our hearts and minds while we prepare our homes.

Classic websites:
My Jewish Learning
All sorts of information on Passover how to’s including history, picking a Hagaddah, recipes, conducting a seder and more

Ritual Well
Lots more information on Passover including social action projects, questions for discussion and a personal Dayenu Prayer

Really interesting source to easily add another layer of Social Justice to your Seder:
Social Justice Guide
Contemporize the messages of Passover with this guide. Ideas such as: Updating your Seder plate with an orange, potato, or fair-trade chocolate or cocoa beans, reciting a new 10 Plagues - thinking about  modern day slavery

Great Eli talk:

The New Wanderers: God, Millennials, and Jewish Engagement
In this Eli talk, Rabbi Jessy Gross argues that contemporary American Judaism must now make the opposite transition—from a place-based synagogue model of the postwar era to a new model of a mobile mishkan for the 21st century.

More supplemental articles:

Supplemental Article: A Passover Question That Keeps Us Up All Night

Supplemental Article: Meditation For Seder

Supplemental Article: Begin With A Story

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