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How to Form a Group

There are two models for a Chai Mitzvah group:

1) Organization based

2) Stand-alone


If you are forming a group from within an organization, like a synagogue, see if the leadership of the organization is interested in launching a group. You can coordinate with the office, access the newsletters, etc and recruit from the membership to form your group. Think about who in your congregation would enjoy this experience: a particular age or stage of life? A mixed group? People who regularly attend Jewish learning opportunities, and would like to “kick it up a notch” and try something different? People who don’t usually attend Jewish learning opportunities, but may be attracted to the “do it yourself” part of the experience?


If you are forming a stand-alone group, think about who you know who likes the things you like. Are you in a book group? Maybe it can try something different this year. Are you in a professional group? Try the Business Ethics overlay to the regular Chai Mitzvah curriculum. Do you regularly get together with a group of friends? Is your family scattered around the country? You could learn together, “virtually” each month, and carry on with your own individual projects wherever you are. Maybe it’s someone’s big birthday, and you want to celebrate that all year long!


As with everything else in Chai Mitzvah... get creative and have fun!!

Sun, October 21 2018 12 Cheshvan 5779