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Supplemental Sources for February: Mindfulness/Conscious Living

Sometimes we need to turn off our “autopilot.” This month we focus on what it means to live a mindful/conscious life and some of the tools Judaism provides to help us be more aware of the small details of our daily lives, so that we can be more grateful for our everyday blessings.

We begin with two organizations (among many) that are dedicated to the practice of Jewish Mindfulness.

1. The Jewish Mindfulness Network
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman talks about what mindfulness is - she says "Jewish Mindfulness is about bringing to life ancient Jewish practices that can make our lives meaningful each day, each moment. As we have done everywhere we have lived, we also have borrowed and blended other spiritual practices into Judaism and made it our own."

2. Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Those at the Institute have been introduced to mindfulness meditation as a path that can support and sustain their Jewish lives and the fulfillment of our Jewish values.

Two Great Cognitive Neuroscience Researchers doing important work on the use of mindfulness techniques to create healthier lifestyles:

1. Dr. Richard J. Davidson
Dr. Richard J. Davidson is a pioneer in the field and a confidant of the Dali Lama. Learn more about Richard J. Davidson, a highly sought after expert in human flourishing, including meditation and related contemplative practices.

2. Dr. Judson Brewer
Great Ted Talk on using mindfulness practices to break a bad habit by renowned researcher Dr. Judson Brewe

American Mindfulness Research Association
The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA) was founded in 2013. Their mission is to support empirical and conceptual efforts to: (1) establish an evidence base for the process, practice, and construct of mindfulness; (2) promote best evidence-based standards for the use of mindfulness research and its applications; and (3) facilitate discovery and professional development through grant giving.


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Mon, April 23 2018 8 Iyyar 5778