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Supplemental Sources for April: Israel and the Jewish Spirit

There is a biblical connection between Jewish people and the land of Israel. Jewish people live all over the world, and the relationship between individual Jewish people and Israel is complex. This topic explores that relationship, and these supplemental materials expand on that journey.

Tired of hearing only about Israel’s problems?
Read this weekly blog about all the wonderful things happening in Israel :

Five Eli Talks on Israel… all worth watching:
Shifting the Paradigm: Student Empowerment and the Start up Nation|
Contemporary Israel: A Language of  People and Sounds
Timely Issues Timeless Values
Between Unity and Uniformity: The many lenses of Israeli Education
It’s Not just about Money: The Honest Truth about Giving to Israel

From The Jewish Week, by Chai Mitzvah Board President Scott Shay:
How we invest (or don’t)  in Israel

Interactive Map of Israel:
Take a tour of Israel from your living room.

Mon, April 23 2018 8 Iyyar 5778